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The Role of Cluster and Social Capital in Cultural and Creative Industries Development
主持人: Enkhbold Chuluunbaatar,  Ottavia,  Ding-Bang Luh,  Shiann-Far Kung
发布日期:2018-03-27 查看次数:1711

Abstract: Cluster is a crucial concept for developing industries, including cultural and creative industries (CCI). Cluster concept, which is heavily based on economic geography, is widely used to explain the drive behind CCI development, neglecting the social aspects of creative talents working in the CCI. This study integrates the social aspects to the cluster theory to explain the key drivers to CCI development from social capital perspective. Taking the case of Mongolian circus industry, this study proposes that CCI development is not only dependent on a predetermined cluster; the social aspects of creative talents, as the active contributors of CCI development, aid significantly to the industries development, hence should not be neglected.


Key words: Circus industry;  cluster;  creative talents;  cultural and creative industries development;  social capital;